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I came to the UK in 1979 from Germany to study Three Dimensional Design: Ceramics at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham and graduated in 1982 (BA Hons). In 1986 I joined the team of potters led by Alan Caiger-Smith at Aldermaston Pottery, where, apart from a few years in Germany, I stayed until 2007 when I moved in to my own workshop.

My work is mostly thrown on the wheel with some shapes made by press moulding. I use a red earthenware body which I cover with a white tin glaze. The designs are brush painted using combinations of coloured oxides, in the tradition of Aldermaston Pottery. I glaze fire to between 1060 and 1080 centigrade.

Much of my current work is commissioned lettered pieces to commemorate weddings and other special occasions.


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